The paintings in this exhibition are momentary recollections – important experiences, – layers of identity. – seasons in a human beings plantlike fragility and weakness – traces left by soft pastel. Paintings reach out beyond words, towards inner longings – where the invisible becomes visible. Soft pastel technique has held it’s place in Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna’s art nearly […]

VIRVE LILJA 3.11.-22.11. 2020

Virve was born in 1968 in Helsinki, lives in Kangasala and works in Tampere. Graphic artist’s paintings, painter’s graphics Lilja creates most of her works by different graphic methods or painting. She is interested in the borderline between abstraction and figurative, as well as in rendering an image. Ambiguity in works is richness. The world […]


ELINA TAMMIRANTA-SUMMA AND PERTTI SUMMA The name is a loose quote of the name of Bergmann’s movie. Unlike in the movie, the paintings do not tell of marriage but serve as a fertile ground or basis for the creation of images. The marriage of two people who think somewhat independently is also like a small […]


Apple for exhibition times for the next season. You can find information about applying and the gallery facilities here >> Send your application in PDF format to pasi.kirkkopelto @ makersgallery.fi 12.8.-29.8 Reserved 31.8.-19.9. 21.9 -10.10. Reserved 12.10-31.10.   Residence artist from Vanha Paukku ( Lapua) 9.11.-28.11. Reserved DECEMBER Pasi Kirkkopelto 11.1-30.1.2020 1.2.- 20.02. 1.3.-20.3. Reserved […]

AINI TOLONEN: COMPASSION 23.9 – 11.10 2020

Pictures from the unseen AINI TOLONEN (b. 1959) is a Helsinki-based photographer who finds his inspiration in urban erosion. Her abstract photographs are a journey into another reality of the urban environment. In her photographs, she transforms the most ordinary details to something beyond everyday perception. “To look at the world through a child’s eyes, […]


AUTUMN 2020 1.9.-20.9. 2020  Pan Jianfeng: With hope >> 22.9.-11.10. 2020 Aini Tolonen: Compassion >> 13.10.-1.11. 2020  Elina Tammiranta-Summa >>and Pertti Summa >> 3.11.-22.11. 2020 Virve Lilja >> 24.11.-13.12. 2020  Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna >> SPRING  2021 19.1-7.2  2021  KASVOIN – Blythe Smith >>,Liisa Luostarinen >>and Selja Raudas >> POSTPONED TO DECEMBER 2021 9.2.- 28.2.2021  Marje Viitala >> and Heta Laitakari >> 2.3.-21.3.2021Arthur Ragnarsson >> 23.3-11.4. 2021Janne Saarinen >> 13.4.- 2.5.2021 Aaron […]

PAN JIANFENG: WITH HOPE 1.9-20.9. 2020

As a “Social calligrapher”, Pan Jianfeng has been working 17 years as a visual artist in Shanghai, China. He moved to the old town of Porvoo, Finland in 2016. The self-chosen exile to Finland can be seen as his reflection on city life, intertwined with struggling for survival and meaning as an artist. Working as […]


Greetings from the gallerist About me: My name is Pasi Kirkkopelto, I am an artist and art educator from Vaasa, currently employed in Onkilahti comprehensive school. I moved to Vaasa in 2018 after receiving this job. I have a 30 year career in art world behind me, both as an artist and an art teacher. […]