5.3.-24.3. 2024

All works are available for purchase. Inquiries through the gallery: galleria @

The idea of a joint exhibition came to us, Makers’ Gallery gallerists, in 2021 after seeing the two artists’ works in their own solo exhibitions. It is interesting to bring together these artists, whose way of making, and their works create an intuitive connection – an interaction that will hopefully be transmitted to the viewer.

Spiritual/religious themes and reflection have been strongly present in the work of both artists. Their works exude a concentrated, quiet power that makes also the viewer to contemplate.

Although Nampajärvi’s works are semi-abstract and Viitaniemi’s figurative, there can be seen also visual similarities between the two artists – the colour scheme and technique have a similar worn and layered quality.

The artists have met only once before, in 2018 in Berlin, where they were holding an exhibition coincidentally at the same time.