IMAGES OF VAASA – Tuomo Rosenlund

Tuomo Rosenlund’s drawing series ”Everything Will Be Fine – drawings from Vaasa” is available for sale via the Makers’ Gallery website. The collection consists of nineteen separate works. The series was on display at the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition From Line to Space.

At the end of our official exhibition season, we put the series on display in the gallery. The exhibition is open Tue-Fri 28 May – 31 May and 4 June – 7 June from 14-18 Welcome!

The exhibition will continue online as a virtual exhibition.

Check out the works on our website, later in the gallery and in the virtual exhibition. Get some for yourself, as a gift, for your company wall or even as a corporate gift.

Information and reservations: or from the gallery during the opening hours of the exhibition.

Valokuvat / Forografer / Photographs: Pekko Orava.