31.1.-18.1. 2024 | Opening on Wednesday 31st at 6 to 8 pm

Maria Ångerman’s exhibition “Wretched Ground” investigates the relationships taking place in a tidal area. It consists of photo collages based on images of seemingly inert materials and a video that speculates about the emergence of new species. The exhibition is accompanied by a photobook that combines photos and collages. It reflects on adaptability and survival, how we are part of nature, and how the synthetic material we leave behind eventually will become part of us.

The exhibition draws inspiration from a text by a feminist theorist and philosopher Donna Haraway “Staying with the Trouble,” where she explores how to be with and live with other planetary organisms in a world acutely aware of ecological challenges. Rather than lamenting the world’s destruction, the exhibition encourages a fresh perspective on the possibilities of life.

Maria Ångerman’s practice delves into the human relationship with the natural world and the concept of nature with an interest for liminality, embodiment and hapticity. Whether through immersive moving images or various photographic processes, her work navigates a delicate space between documentary fact and poetic fiction. In 2014, she earned her master’s degree from the Netherlands Film Academy. Her work has been widely shown across Europe, as well as in Brazil and Senegal.

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