26.3.-14-4- 2024 | Opening on Tuesday 26th at 6 to 8 pm

The main characters of the exhibition are the Influencers of the future. What are they looking for, what are they branding, what is coming? My paintings comment on the need for change in a new era.
The planetary consciousness has given birth to the creatures of the future.The characters in my works create new paths in contemporary influencer culture. These new age influencers have learned to value collaboration, sustainability and respect for biodiversity as part of their branding and communication. Influencers have a keen and focused eye, and they might just be aiming it at you. On the other hand, they present their own time and world, where the dividing line between humans and nature is blurred and only those who live together can survive. Being present has overtaken instant culture.
The works are painted on the back surface of a transparent material, with the painting sequence being reversed: the work begins with a finishing coat, from which it proceeds towards the primer. I start with the essentials and finish with references and background. The glossy surface of the acrylic sheet reflects the viewer into the altered images of the future. The effect is a mirror to the viewer’s thinking.
I am interested in what the painting is capable of, how knowledge and fantasy, future and expectation are bound up in it. I love colour and the movement of paint on a slippery surface, layers and kites, both physically and in terms of content.
The works are manifestos, utopias and hopes of their creatures. Beneath the beautiful and colourful joyful surface, however, there are serious messages about the consequences of our choices.

Ecological change is a fact, but the influencers in my work want to look ahead and create a possible good towards which we can move. Forms need to be developed, explored and imagined at all levels.
What will it be like when the new cycle begins?