Hello all artists!

We invite you all to participate in a group exhibition at Makers’ Gallery in Vaasa in October 2022. The exhibition is based on Albrecht Dürer’s famous series of woodcuts


How do Dürer’s apocalyptic visions resonate in our time? How do they communicate with the visions, views and interpretations of contemporary artists? Our goal is to find new perspectives on the present and the past through the dialogue of Albrecht Dürer’s apocalypse series of woodcuts and the works of contemporary artists commenting on them. The works selected for the exhibition are based on Albrecht Dürer’s series of works or part thereoff and/or the text of John’s revelation. We hope for our own perspective, approach, theme from the works: whether it comes from the past, the present or the future. Copies of Dürer’s works and new works are in dialogue in the exhibition.


The exhibition is organized by makers’ gallery and vaasa parish council.


Albrecht DürerApocalypsis cu Figuris, 1511

Exhibition time: 1.- 30. October 2022.

The exhibition time is divided into two parts. Halfway through, the setup changes.

Type of works Is not limited.

Application time and submission of suggestions:

Please send the works or designs/registrations by the end of May 2022. If necessary, we will extend the application period.

E-mail address: galleria@makersgallery.fi

Message title: Apocalypse

Selection of works:

The choice of works to the exhibition is made by a group of experts consisting of gallerists Pasi Kirkkopelto (TaM) and Anna Rihto (M.Sc.), Vicar Tuomo Klapuri (Finnish Congregation of Vaasa) and two expert members to be appointed later. Our group will select the works that will be included in the exhibition during August 2022. An invitation will be sent to the selected artists.

 Delivery of works:

The artist will be responsible for the delivery of the physical works on Sunday 25 September latest. The artist is responsible for picking up the works, unless otherwise agreed separately.

Insurance: The gallery and other potential exhibition venues have exhibition insurance. The artist insures his own work if he/she/it so wishes.

The gallery space:

The exhibition space of the gallery is 50 square meters, the wall surface is about. 26 m, most of which is plasterboard. The hanging of the works is mainly done with the help of hanging rails and lines.

Gallery floor plan: https://www.makersgallery.fi/taiteilijalle/

3D Model of the gallery: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=BDXLe3QhHQ

The main exhibition and side events are carried out at the Makers’ Gallery. Multimedia and video works or performances can also be shown/performed in the crypt of the Holy Trinity Church and possibly in other public spaces in the city.

In addition to the opening ceremony therw will be discussion events and themed guided tours in which the expert(s) will tell about the exhibition and works from their own point of view.