In October 2022, together with the Vaasa Parish Council, we will organise the first national invitational exhibition at the Makers’ Gallery.


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How do Dürer’s apocalyptic visions resonate in this time? How do they communicate with the visions, views and interpretations of contemporary artists? Our goal is to find new perspectives on the present and the past through the dialogue of Albrecht Dürer’s apocalypse series of woodcuts and the works of contemporary artists commenting on them.

The works selected for the exhibition are based on Albrecht Dürer’s series of works or part therefly and/or the text of John’s revelation. We hope for our own perspective, approach, theme from the works: whether it comes from the past, the present or the future. Copies of Dürer’s works and new works go side by side and engage in dialogue in the exhibition.

Albrecht DürerApocalypsis cu Figuris, 1511