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VIRVE LILJA 3.11.-22.11. 2020

Virve was born in 1968 in Helsinki, lives in Kangasala and works in Tampere.

Graphic artist’s paintings, painter’s graphics

Lilja creates most of her works by different graphic methods or painting.

She is interested in the borderline between abstraction and figurative, as well as in rendering an image. Ambiguity in works is richness. The world around us and personal life have a strong impact on work.

Lilja likes to portray human figure, sometimes as a mere trace, sometimes as more figurative. The passing of time, birth and death and growth are ancient, universal subjects that must always be returned to.

Balance of stability

The process of making art itself is important to her; the artist strives to arrange questions that concern her mind in a clearer form.

Artistic production includes miniature graphics as well as works of monumental size. Virve Lilja brings individual selected works from her recent production to the Makers’ Gallery exhibition.

Virve Lilja has been an active visual artist since 1993. Her works are in numerous home and foreign collections. He has made public works of art for Tampere, Kangasala and Kankaanpää.

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