I paint the abundance and transience present in our time, as well as parallel realities tied to our starting points, separate narratives, real and unreal moments.
In my paintings, I explore the tensions of control and letting go, our built-in carnivalistic behavior, and the many forms of love on which we navigate the reality we feel. I interpret what I see through playful escalations.
I work using different techniques, mainly acrylic, charcoal, marker or other drawing on canvas. In my work, the starting point is often some kind of distortion or atmosphere that I perceive in my environment and in myself. My painting style is process-like: I work with the vagaries of the subconscious, chaos and chance, collecting material that I work on through distance. Often, in addition to being personal, the work retains some mind-boggling nuance or detail, the meaning of which slowly unfolds to me while keeping the process alive.