Moments around the exhibition the theme is moments that leave marks on us. Memories, the passage of time, the fragility and power of life are present in the works of the exhibition. The moments we experience in life are always around us. They remain with us and make us what we are.

As I've been working, colors, light, and moods from different moments have carried my thoughts. The seasons rhythm life and experiences, in memories the meaningful moments change their shape and are transformed into abstract works. The work involves constant experimentation and exploration, as well as a lot of manual labor, such as hand sewing, crocheting, pleating and dyeing.

Techniques and materials familiar to me, such as linen fiber, paper, silk, plant parts, yarn, are included in the works of the exhibition. The material has a special meaning for me. The place or origin of its discovery, the traces of time, the feeling and sensitivity may affect the origin of the work and its content. Some of the works contain materials from my old works reused.

Helena Kaikkonen is a visual and textile artist from Oulu. She creates installations, textile works, videos and environmental artworks. He works at the Old Wool Factory in Pikisaari, Oulu.