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Greetings from the gallerist

About me: My name is Pasi Kirkkopelto, I am an artist and art educator from Vaasa, currently employed in Onkilahti comprehensive school. I moved to Vaasa in 2018 after receiving this job. I have a 30 year career in art world behind me, both as an artist and an art teacher. My new hometown offered me this opportunity to open an art gallery and to enrich the already lively cultural life in Vaasa. So, I could not refuse.

Acknowledgments and thanks

The name of the gallery honors the work of Tapani Tammenpää, graphic artist from Vaasa and the tradition of his Gallery, Printmakers Gallery on the other side of Kirkkopuistikko. Tapani offered me the first exhibition opportunity in Vaasa and has been an invaluable help in making this project com true. Thanks also to Helena Cardoso from AVA-gallery in Helsinki for discussions, her support and collaboration. I also want to thank my wife Anna Rihto for her support.

What’s happening at the moment?

Exhibition program is published. Renovation of the gallery is almost ready now. Before the official opening on 6th of August 2020 I’ll be working in the studio with my own art, maybe show something unofficially. If you want to meet and get aquainted you can contact me. If you just happen to walk past the gallery and see mee there, just knock on the door.

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