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The name is a loose quote of the name of Bergmann’s movie. Unlike in the movie, the paintings do not tell of marriage but serve as a fertile ground or basis for the creation of images. The marriage of two people who think somewhat independently is also like a small group of artists or a community where the conversation, both in images and in words, provides support to both parties. The unifying factor is colour as a starting point for expression. The different starting points and the resulting objectives for painting, on the other hand, form a fruitful basis for the aforementioned discussion, since the discussion arises from difference. While our perceptions of this work are very similar, these small deviations make the discussion meaningful. 

The meaning of the discussion is also increased by the fact that we both teach art. The message of this action to us is that we have to verbalize the pictorial solutions made by others, and thus we do not have to do it for our own images. That may be the job of others. In our works, we try to express ourselves by painting, as if we were mumbling to ourselves. You do not have to say everything out loud, you can also leave things unsaid. Verbalizing or referring outside the image does not seem necessary. Nevertheless, let the viewer believe that the painting has born as part of our life, firmly bound to it. We as painters, of course, hope we are not told as to the button maker told Peer Gynt, a loose quote; The works are so unworthy that they will not get you to heaven, and they are not good enough for hell either. They need to be painted white again and redone for the conditions to be met.

A common motto for us both could be Elina’s poem:

I paint a great black

write on it


a human voice.

(Direct translation)

Elina and Pertti

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