11.8. -28.8.2022

Jukka Suhonen is a visual artist from Kuopio, Finland, and his works are mainly acrylic paintings on canvas or ussi drawings on paper. According to the artist, the techniques complement each other in an interesting way: a change in scale, from large to small, a change in the expression of depth or spatiality, as well as a transition from polyphonic colorful to black and white.

The artist actively monitors social issues and especially the ills of society, which could even be called structural violence if the structures produce malaise for citizens instead of well-being. Even on a smaller scale, violence between people and absolute evil indirectly give subjects to Suhonen's works.

In addition to social themes, Suhonen's works reflect on the tensions contained in interpersonal relationships, the temporaryness and fragility of life, death, love and hate. Like the surrealists, the dark, pent-up side of the human mind, which emerges from the subconscious, as well as dreams, are of interest and indirectly give subjects to the works.