Kirkkopuistikko 18, 6500 Vaasa, Finland


Makers Gallery is a new art gallery and event space on Kirkkopuistikko in Vaasa. The Gallery is open to all forms of contemporary visual arts. We are looking for known and aspiring, talented artists from Finland and internationally.

Makers’ Gallery opens on 1st of September 2020

Because of the coronavirus and related restrictions we decided that the gallery opens officially on September.

During the Night of the arts on 6th of August there will be a presentation of exhibition program and the artists in the gallery window. Althought we’re not officially open you can meet us and get aquainted with the gallery and the coming program .

Best wishes,

Pasi Kirkkopelto and Anna RIhto

The opening exhibition is by Pan Jianfeng: “I HOPE

Apply for exhibition time:  information about the gallery, application, exhibition schedule and contact information can be found here >